Who Kept Their Cool to lift Caswell Cup in Costa Del Stockton?


Sunday 6th May marked another incredible day of pool in the Stephenson calendar with the second installment of The Caswell Cup. So named after a recent Stephenson alumnus and pool captain, the event takes place once a year and aims to find the best of the best in Stephenson’s pool community over a grueling afternoon.

The Caswell Cup basks in the incredible Bank Holiday sunshine

With the weather peaking at roughly 23 degrees Celsius, conditions inside our very own crucible (Room 21) were stifling and players were forced to gather around the large fans in the room between shots for a little bit of relief from the heat. 11 names went into the hat at the start of the tournament and were drawn into two leagues, with the top two players from each league meeting in the semi-finals.

In usual Stephenson fashion, no winner emerged from the off and pre-tournament favourites all suffered defeats in their respective leagues. We even lost two past captains, including the man after whom the trophy is named, in the group stages as the games, and clock, ticked slowly on. After what seemed like days due to the heat, we eventually found our semi finalists in the form of A team player Craig Young and captain Joe Hardaker, and B team player Josh Crawshaw and captain Deniz Taylor – the only man to escape the group stages unbeaten!

As Taylor finished top of group 1, he was pitted against group 2’s runner up, and fellow Stephenson pool team captain, Hardaker for the semi final, leaving Young and Crawshaw to battle it out in the other semi final. Both semi finals saw the A team players assert their dominance with Young racing into a 5-2 lead during the race to 6, and Hardaker never being behind throughout the encounter.

Indeed, both games finished with a fair score line of six frames to four and saw Hardaker make his way into the Caswell Cup final for a second successive year, continuing his fine individual form having already lifted the Stephenson College JCR Pool Competition trophy in December. Meanwhile, this was Young’s first semi final victory in a Stephenson pool competition, at the third time of asking.

So far in the day, Young had been the only player to have stopped Hardaker, trouncing him 4-1 during the group stages to take the group, and it looked set to be heading to a similar storyline when Young took a 2-0 lead early on with some incredible and ruthless play. Hardaker offered brief resistance taking the third frame but when Young extended his lead to 3-1 it looked set to be another year of disappointment for Hardaker.

Digging deep, Hardaker managed to snatch the next two frames to level at 3-3 and took a third successive frame to move in front for the first time in the match. The next three were split, due to a bit of good fortune for Young, 2:1 in his favour, despite Hardaker looking set to take another and open a two-frame advantage. This left the game poised in the balance at 5 apiece and when Hardaker took the next frame, the pattern of the game so far meant it was pretty much even money to go to a decider. But, as we know, nothing is a certainty in sport and with Young going in off, Hardaker was afforded two shots with 5 balls on the table. A calm, and uneventful, clearance of his 5 reds left Hardaker with 2 shots on the black, however he was only to need one as he stroked the black into the top pocket from the bottom third of the table.

Celebrations were muted as eight hours of play had taken its toll on both men, but a firm handshake shrouded in mutual respect was a fitting end to the marathon day. The event really did bring a pleasant end to what has been a wonderful pool season for everyone at Stephenson, and with that we sign off with a very warm goodbye and hope that we see an even more successful campaign next year!

Ranger Things: 26.2 Miles to Self-Actualisation


Whilst most people’s bucket lists consist of bungee jumping or doing a skydive, one of my biggest bucket list challenges was to run a marathon as soon as I was legally old enough. Because of this, I stupidly decided to train over A-levels for the Brighton Marathon 2017.

After running countless half marathons and 10 mile races, I didn’t quite realise the gruelling difference between 10 and 20 Miles. Throughout training there was cramp, sickness and even reaching an all time low of 5 toe nails, however through the help of hundreds of jelly babies and Mum’s encouragement on the end of the phone whilst in floods of tears stranded in a field 12 miles away, I had finally finished training and was ready to embark on the most incredible race. If I could sell any bit of my running experiences to persuade you to run a marathon, the carb loading the days leading up to the race is fantastic. Shout out to Dad who (despite not running) also helped with hoofing down flapjacks and pasta in preparation to support. Brighton was scorchingly hot and hard work along the sea front, but despite the odd stitch and aching legs I came in at 3 hours 40 minutes, a ‘good for your age’ time. Although, I felt awful waddling like a constipated old woman, after a few glasses of wine I felt fab and couldn’t wait to run again!

However, I initially decided I wouldn’t commit to the training whilst at uni, when the opportunity popped up to run the London marathon for DUCK I couldn’t resist. My training in Durham was quite an adventure and included lowlights such as getting lost on dual carriage ways and stuck in snow. I had one long training race – the ‘Slaithwaite SLOG’ – and what a slog it was. I finally reached the finish to surprisingly beaming smiles, only to find out I had won! How anyone could run a 20 mile race and not realise they were first is beyond me, but somehow my ditsy head managed it.


Anyway, moving on to London!  After watching my uncle run in the elite men’s and Dad (not quite so elite) run the London marathon, it has since been my dream to one day brave the streets of London. After years of waiting, 22nd April was set to be the day my dream came true or so I thought anyway. It is safe to say that although I trained better than I had last year, and ‘carbed’ to my hearts content, London ruined me. This year was the hottest London Marathon on record and in the week leading up to the race I had been frantically checking the forecasts wishing for the sun to disappear (honestly I never thought I’d say that), however unfortunately I wasn’t in luck.
The first few miles were hot but manageable, it was when the midday sun and severe cramp kicked in that the marathon became a serious mental game. With runners walking, collapsing and withdrawing from the race all around me I wouldn’t let myself stop. The last few miles were the hardest miles I have ever run however the crowds were immense and helped me plod to the finish! Despite being a fair bit slower than my time last year, I was relieved to have made it without medical assistance! A quote I have followed for all of my marathon training is ‘everything you want to learn about yourself, you can learn in 26.2 Miles’. As cliché as this sounds, it is true and I could not recommend running a marathon anymore. I learned that I become a moody *insert expletive* when my legs don’t work as fast as I want them to and that I am not a quitter. Thousands of runners didn’t make it to the finish of the hottest London marathon and for those who did I am immensely proud of what each and every runner achieved. Really race day is a tiny spectacle of all the months of intense training, desperately fundraising and sacrifice. However, London will be a run I will never forget. As Dad has been my running inspiration and training bud for as long as I can remember, we are embarking on his last marathon together in Edinburgh on the 27th May (hoping for a PB!). I am still raising money on behalf of DUCK and any donation, no matter how big or small, would mean the world to both of us. My justgiving link is: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Ailie-McGilligan1

To anyone who fancies a challenge or loves carbs, running a marathon is so unbelievably rewarding and life changing. I couldn’t recommend it more.
Lots of love Ails x

Refreshers Breakdown – What’s going on?


Pride – Sunday 27th May

This year Stevo will be making a trip to Durham Pride!

Pride celebrates the entire LGBT+ community. It is a chance to promote equal rights, visibility, a sense of community and just generally celebrate sexuality and gender variance within the world we live in. On top of this, Pride is the most wonderful place on earth and you will never find somewhere as accepting, open and diverse.

Durham Pride is such a good atmosphere and will be a such a nice way to celebrate the start of ReFreshers!

Must do’s:

  • Wear rainbow colours

24 Hour Charity Match – Starting Sunday 27th May @ 6pm

This iconic event in our charity calendar returns and is open to everyone! Anyone can play in the 24 hour matches, so it’s not just exclusive to teams. I may even be making a shock appearance in my sporting debut at the end of my final year!

This begins at 6pm on Sunday 27th May and ends at 6pm on Monday 28th May!

This is one of the best events in the calendar as it really captures the spirit and fun of both Stephenson and Snow and is such a nice day – I can attest.

Even if you’re not playing, if you’re around, please come to the Sport Centre and support our amazing players and donate some cash and/or time

Must do’s:

  • Fundraise!
  • Cheer for your pals
  • Have a great day

Lightwater Valley – Monday 28th May (Daytime)

This year we will be heading to the LEGENDARY Lightwater Valley! For those who don’t know, Lightwater Valley is a theme park in North Yorkshire and is a super sick destination for anyone looking for a thrill!

There’s everything from water rides, rollercoasters, food(!) and even mini golf, and with transport provided with your ticket purchased from the JCR you have everything you need to have the best day out!

Must do’s:

  • Ride Europe’s longest roller coaster – the Ultimate – at 1 and a half miles long
  • Be very old school and ride the carousel and teacups
  • Ride around on the lake on the swan boats!

Central Chill – Monday 28th May (Evening)

After a day of sport playing and rollercoaster riding, join us in central for a night of chill and relaxation feat. assorted movies and general banter!

This is only the beginning of ReFreshers so recharge your batteries while enjoying the bar being open and eating pizza to your hearts content (dependant on availability) x

We are also gonna give you a couple free pizzas to chow down on because Joe and Ails are just that nice!

Must do’s:

  • Chillax
  • Play Mario Kart
  • Eat pizza!

Redcar Races – Tuesday 29th May (Day)

Come dressed to 9’s and travel with us to Redcar to experience the exciting atmosphere of the Racecourse and watch the races! This has become a staple of our ReFreshers week and always goes down so well. Apart from Stevo Day, this is my personal favourite day in ReFreshers!

It’s so much fun to get a little bit dressed up and enjoy a day at the Racecourse with your friends! We will be in the grandstand enclosure and there’s nothing better than chowing down on a pork sandwich (or veggie/vegan alternative) and watching some races!

Must do’s:

  • Watch the races…
  • Meet the horses racing
  • Enjoy the sun
  • See the stables

International Food Festival – Tuesday 29th May (Evening)

This is a brand-new event for all of you lucky people, and it’s set to be huge! On this night, we celebrate our amazing international community, with free food, drink and music! It’s basically an international night dialled up to 100! In addition, we will have an open mic night, focusing on music from other cultures, all whilst we celebrate some of the world’s most famous delicacies – including Lancashire Hot Pot!!

I’m also excited to announce that we will have a Ceilidh Band at this night, and I cannot express how much fun a Ceilidh is! So, this should be sick.

Must do’s

  • Dance in the ceilidh
  • Try a veggie parmo
  • Sing some K-Pop

Varsity – Wednesday 30th May (Day)

Our final varsity on QC will be on Wednesday of ReFreshers! It’s gonna be the biggest and best one yet, and rumour has it some Stevo and Snow alumni may even be turning out to support their Colleges as we send off QC varsity in style! After the day’s matches on campus, we will be heading to Acklam Rugby Pitches on coaches for our Rugby and Football matches, where the bar will be open.

Stephenson won last year, so make sure you get down and cheer for our teams as we bid to retain our title.

Must do’s:

  • Support our teams
  • Pray for nice weather
  • Fish out the sunnies!

College Colours @ KU – Wednesday 30th May (Evening)

Does this need any introduction? If yes is the answer to that question, let me elaborate. This is the final KU and the final college colours with Snow, so it’s gonna be massive!

Join us one final time to show the other college who is the best and say goodbye to a place that has given us so many good memories one final time.

Must do’s:

  • Dress in red
  • Be as Stevo as possible

Sun, Snacks and Supersoakers! – Thursday 31st May (Day)

To me, this is one of the most exciting days in the whole of ReFreshers! Hopefully the sun will be shining down on us when we provide you with a wonderful buffet featuring some great food – HOUMOUS – and the bar will be open!

We will also be giving you some Supersoakers and we are gonna have a legendary waterfight outside of central, feel free to shoot Joe with your Supersoakers all you want and this sounds like it could be one of the most memorable days in ReFreshers! I literally am so excited even writing this and I honestly can’t wait to shoot some water guns after a great night at KU!

Must do’s:

  • Shoot Joe with a Supersoaker
  • Eat a buffet
  • Pray for some sun
  • Enjoy the day even if it rains
  • Have some HOUMOUS

Stevo on Tour: Newcastle – Thursday 31st May (Evening)

Our final Stevo on Tour from Queens and we are headed to Skint @ Illegitimate to celebrate a sick day of supersoakers! This is set to be mindblowing as it’s our first trip to Newcastle this year.

It’s time to paint Newcastle red for the first time this year! And it’s looking to be one to remember.

Must do’s:

  • Take lots of photos
  • Take a photo with Rhys specifically

Go Karting – Friday 1st June (Day)

Get yourselves to Hilton Cottage on Friday of ReFreshers week, and enjoy a free taxi ride – or walk if the weather is any good – to the Go Karting venue near Durham!

You can just pay for as  many laps as you want, so show everyone your sick driving skills and pls try not to crash!

Must do’s:

  • Take a photo on top of the podium
  • Try and beat Craig’s best ever time…

Handover Dinner – Friday 1st June (Evening)

The Handover Dinner is honestly an unmissable event in the Stevo Calendar. Come and watch the outgoing exec handover to the incoming exec, and see lots of speeches from Presidents past, present and future (guess who??). As well as this, so many awards are given out on this night, from Half and Full colours, to Outstanding Services to the JCR and even Honorary Life Membership of the JCR!

I can’t recommend this event enough especially considering that this is the last Handover Dinner on Queen’s! Come and say goodbye to Stockton with us on this night!

Must do’s:

  • Remember to sign up
  • Meet some old Stevo Presidents

Stevo Day – Saturday 2nd June

The best day of the year is here. While I’ve provided loads of info already, here’s a recap:

Free hog roast (and veggie alternative) and doughnuts, as well as music, entertainment and inflatables! We also just announced that Showhawk Duo of Radio 1 fame are headlining Stevo Day as if it couldn’t get any better.

Keep an eye out on the Facebook event for more announcements still to come!! This is honestly the biggest Stevo Day ever, and we are gonna finish ReFreshers week with the best ending you can imagine!

Must do’s

  • Watch the Showhawk Duo – they’re bloody incredible
  • Try a doughnut
  • Tell Rhys he’s the best Barman between 12 and 3pm
  • Try the bungee run
  • Knock someone off the gladiator fight

How to get tickets!

Tickets go on sale on Wednesday at 9am until Friday at 5pm and can be ordered using a Google Form (the link will be emailed to Durham accounts and posted on JCR Facebook sites). The form has to be filled in individually as there is a data protection agreement at the top of the form. Once filled in, you will receive an email invoice with the cost of your tickets and  you must pay by cash, bank transfer or cheque by Friday at 5pm – or Joe will have to send you chase up emails and this is not fun for anyone. We hope this Google Form method will make everyone’s lives easier during the busy summative and exam season so please take the opportunity to sign up using this as it will give us our final numbers for events.

Stevo Day: Line Up Announcement!

Stevo Day 2018 is soon going to be upon us and this really is the biggest day in the calendar for Stevo Rangers and for anyone who has experienced a Stevo Day before I’m sure you will attest that it is a truly wonderful event. This is our final Stevo Day in Stockton and regardless of what you think about sunny Stockton on Tees, it has been a wonderful home for this College for 17 years and its only right to give it an unforgettable send off.

To achieve this we have lots going on but I wanted to use this post to focus on the performances we’re having throughout the day. Starting the afternoon off right we are psyched to announce we will have an incredible performance from the wonderful Phoenix Cheer. Off the back of their recent 3rd place finish at the College Cheer Competition, the team are ready to put in one more routine for the year to kick start our day in the best possible way!

After we’ve been wowed by Phoenix and you’ve all had an opportunity to drink the Shirliest of shakes, chow down on some free doughnuts (only the first 600 are free!) and enjoy the inflatables, Sing Soc will be ready to regale us once more with their dulcet tones. They have been ever-present throughout the year for our events and I can’t wait to see them hit the big stage and perform some incredible summer anthems for everyone.

As you can see we love to celebrate student success here at Stephenson and therefore could not pass up on the opportunity to have the Collingwood student band, The Lost Degree, back for their second Stephenson gig this year. If you don’t remember the name, these are the guys that rocked it at our Winter Ball in December and they are ready to go once more with their incredible sound. Expect anthems, pop and rock as well as a quirky twist with the brass-backing band!

Now, I know you must be thinking that The Lost Degree are our headline act and I don’t blame you because they are incredible. But this year we knew we had to go even bigger than before so we scoured the Internet looking for an act suitable and finally, after hours on end of searching, landed on a firm choice (especially after I took a trip to see them live and they rocked The Plug in Sheffield). Now, I’m sure some of you won’t have heard of them, but their credentials speak volumes – Edinburgh Festival veterans, viral on Facebook and played live in Radio 1’s Live Lounge. However, I think we should let their video do the talking, so, without further ado, I introduce you to our headline act for Stevo Day 2018, The Showhawk Duo



Why do the JCR keep emailing me to ask for data consent?

As I’m sure many of you are aware, the JCR has recently been sending out lots of emails recently asking for your consent to collect data for events such as the Summer Ball or to use your name or photograph in publications. Whilst many people simply send their permissions across without hesitation, a number of people have asked why we have had to start doing this. Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to give you a very basic 250ish word lowdown from the understanding of this JCR President! (If you’d like a full explanation of the regulation visit: https://www.eugdpr.org/gdpr-faqs.html).


The EU, of which the UK is still a part, has recently introduced the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and this is the reason we are required to get your affirmative consent for pretty much everything. The regulation is ‘subject’ focused which means it is in favour of the right of the data subject (the person the data relates to). This means that a data controller, such as the JCR, has to have the clear, unambiguous informed consent of the controller to use their data in any way.

Now, above I used the word ‘informed’ and that is key to why you guys have to sign, read before submitting an online form or respond to emails to ensure we can operate as usual. The controller therefore has to be informed of when the processor will destroy data and how the data will be used when the processor requires it.

As I’m sure you’ll agree, the JCR is doing everything it can to ensure that the above is in place to make sure that we can run all of our fantastic events and comply with this new regulation. So, thank you for all of your support and cooperation to date and we hope that we can soon make the process a streamlined one to make everyone’s life easier!

Ranger Things: 40ish Days Vegan

Veganism, as many of you will know is avoiding all traces of animal products in foods and in your lifestyle, meaning no eggs, milk or leather products. SO NO CHOCOLATE! Yet for some reason I was determined to experience that torture and live as a vegan for Lent and thanks to peer pressure I am sharing my experience.


The rules sounded easy but within first couple days I realised everything I was used to eating contained some trace of egg or milk. I was tired because I wasn’t eating enough proper food and I had to find substitutes in vitamins and calcium tablets etc. It wasn’t going well.

After spending hours procrastinating by looking at recipes on Google and downloading vegan cookbooks, I realised the food that looked the best was made up of the most stupid ingredients. Like seriously what is egg emulsifier? Do supermarkets sell Liquid Aminos? And I am convinced now that Lucuma ice-cream doesn’t exist.

Even if you find these ridiculously rare fruits, vegetables and substitutes, they cost a freaking bomb. Legit, you’ve got to take out an extra student loan to get your shopping from Ocado. (Personally, I feel that being a vegan should entitle you to have a higher maintenance loans. Just saying.) I was definitely making eating ethically way too hard for myself.

Then the Lord answered my prayers. An angel in the form of Lucy Watson came to me in the form of a cookbook leaving me somewhat enlightened as I discovered that Oreos, Bourbon Biscuits, Popcorn and Heinz Ketchup were vegan friendly. The book became my bible, but her suggested ingredients were still a little out of my price range (after all I do not have an SW3 postcode).


I began to delve further in my research becoming more and more passionate about my little project. I read a similar blog to this, where a girl in America explained to me that loads of foods were vegan friendly but couldn’t have the explicit label because they were made in a factory that handled other meat or dairy products, and may have come into brief contact etc.


Relief. I could eat some of my favourite foods again, with the obvious exceptions.

It was in the relief I discovered the Vegan Society, where they had cheap easy recipes that even I couldn’t go wrong with; vegan lasagne, fajitas, cauliflower steaks, couscous, Thai curry etc.

Vegan Soc

I purchased the essentials: sunflower oil, butter, almond butter, Linda McCartney vegan sausages, dairy free cheese, salt and vinegar twirls, rich tea fingers, a variety of fruit and vegetables, garlic bread, almond milk, wholemeal bread and, the Holy Grail, HOUMOUS!!! I was good to go!

It felt good to eat ethically and I physically felt better. After overcoming the shock that I could no longer eat my weight in chocolate digestives, I had ended up removing all processed and unnatural sugars from my diet.

Best of all, I was eating so that no animals were being harmed or mistreated in any way.

This all went swimmingly until I returned home for the Easter Hols.

Now normally meal times in my house are a right faff. Mum is pretty much the fussiest eater in the modern world, my sister is celiac and I was a vegetarian, meaning for a normal dinner time 3 different meals would need preparing. Safe to say Mum was not impressed by my new decision.

I go back to working full time when I home, meaning the majority of my meals are at work. Work is a small pub close by where the vegan diet isn’t exactly catered for and when I announced this to my colleagues, you would have thought I had told them that I had contracted cholera. So basically by diet there turned in jacket potato with beans.

Nevertheless, I made it through to the 39th day, and nearly the 40th until I practically had Ben and Jerry’s shoved down my throat.

Anyway my experiment ended just in time for me to begin devouring Easter eggs. Whilst it’s safe to say I enjoyed my vegan experience, I will not be following it so religiously. I intend to eat more vegan food, and think more carefully about where the food I’m eating comes from, but I miss wearing my Docs and eating quorn scotch eggs too much to maintain it.

Babe the Sheep-pig approves of this message!

*If anyone has found anything in this article or wants to find out more information on how veganism is healthy and environmentally friendly, or has any general questions about veganism the listen up. John Ellis, a representative of the Vegan Society from Country Durham, will be delivering a talk and open Q&A session on Wednesday 2nd May, so keep your eyes peeled for details.*

An Interview with Stevo’s BUCS National Champions

This week I had the distinct pleasure of catching up with two of the four of our students, Isaac Perry and James Spicer, who have recently achieved University sporting greatness by lifting a BUCS National Championship with the Durham Saints American Football team. The team defeated Derby for the third time in the season by a score line of 17-6 to end their season undefeated and I managed to get the insight of two of the defensive line who were on the ground at the Sixways Stadium.

Durham’s #23 Spicer prepares to defend a Derby play seconds before the snap

Q: Gentlemen, you sit in front of me as National Champions. How does it feel to hear that?

Isaac: I can’t lie that does feel great. Weeks later, I still don’t know how to express it properly, but knowing I got to be part of such a great team with all the talent on the field and the personalities off it is pretty special…. The added label of National Champions is a bonus.

James: It’s a great feeling! Having lost in the national final last year by a missed kick it was such a great experience to be on the winning end this year and it was even sweeter knowing we finished the season 11-0.

Q: Now, despite being National Champions, I know both of you are fairly new to the sport. When did you both start playing?

Isaac: I have dabbled in the past attending a couple training sessions as a Fresher but this was my first year playing the sport properly.

James: I started playing last year as a Fresher having watched the sport for a few years before. There really aren’t any British players who come to University already having played the sport.

Q: Having never played in a National Championship for anything, can you describe the process for me? Is it just like a normal game where you get the coach to the ground or are there a few extra perks?

Isaac: Running out onto the pitch really with the crowd getting loud really got the juices flowing, there was also a ‘mini’ national anthem adding to the professionalism. Additionally, as the game was further away than usual we got a hotel overnight and included the all-important buffet breakfast, which was certainly a nice perk. I certainly wouldn’t mind having that luxury for every game!

Post-game was where the perks really came through, if I’m not mistaken we were posted in the VIP box. There was an open bar for us to open some Champagne and celebrate as well as countless pizzas available to us after the game.

James: As for the day of the game, our preparation doesn’t change, only the atmosphere we are in but it is completely different. We arrive seeing the Division One final being played which allows us time to check out all the camera crew and BAFA (British American Football Association) officials. Also, the facilities are much nicer than the cramped changing rooms we are used to for most of the year!

Q: What’s it like to play in a full stadium in front of a crowd, as well as being streamed to the entire world on YouTube?

Isaac: I do think the stadium alone added to the games atmosphere. The crowd were really energetic and supportive (for both sides) right until the final whistle which was brilliant. Knowing we were being streamed to the entire world did make me nervous, after hearing there would be thousands tuning in I felt the pressure more so than normal. Saying that, I loved that all my friends and family were able to watch and support myself and the team.

James: Having already experienced this the year before as a fresher it wasn’t that overwhelming. However, when you’re playing you’re only focused on what’s in front of you, not who or how many people are watching. The best part of the stream for me was knowing all our old teammates were able to watch from places like America.

Q: I suspect the whole occasion was a bit of a whirlwind and remembering what happened is difficult but are there any standout moments from the game? (We won’t hold it against you if you’re a bit selfish here and mention a moment of personal glory).

Isaac: To be honest, simply being chosen as a starter in the National Championship ahead of a couple ‘veterans’ as a ‘rookie’ (as they’d be referred to in the NFL) was a standout moment for me. But, one of the best moments has to be when Eric Poindexter (our Quarterback, who is actually a wide receiver) came on the field for the defense in the final quarter and broke up a deep pass with a really athletic play on the ball.

James: Probably getting a shout out during the halftime discussion on the live stream for a standout first half performance. Especially as it was by one of my brother’s coaches from Birmingham’s team!

Isaac: Oh and we can hardly forget the moment the final whistle blows! Giving the coach an early shower (pouring the water cooler over him), and the whole team jumping up and down is a memory I’ll never forget.

Q: American Football is a growing sport within the country and obviously you are both now National Champions, so do you see this as being the start of your affinity with the sport?

Isaac: I certainly like that idea; as I’m graduating this year the National Championship may have been my final game, and now that I’ve lived it I’ll definitely do my part in promoting the game in the future as it would be great for the sport to continue growing at the rate it is!

James: As far as playing goes I’ll be pushing for my third national final visit in three years during my final year. But apart from that, I won’t be doing more than watching the sport and going to the occasional Durham game in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me gents, I really appreciate it and hope that you get that opportunity for a third National Championship game next time around James!