Top Five Things About Stevo for Incoming Freshers

Congratulations to all incoming Stevo Rangers who received their A Level results today – we are looking forward to welcoming you in September! Stephenson is an incredible college with a really friendly atmosphere and so to give you an insight into what makes our college so great, here is a list of just five of the best things about Stevo…
1. The Stevo Spirit

Easily the best thing about Stevo is its relaxed, friendly and down-to-earth atmosphere, and it’s what makes Stevo stand out from other colleges in Durham. Being a modern and chilled-out college means that Stephenson is always inclusive and non-judgemental. So if you want to go and try out Ultimate Frisbee or join Craft Club, go and do it!! Before I came to Stevo, I had a perception of Durham as being full of overly-privileged and snobbish students, but it’s certainly not what you’ll find at Stevo. It’s not an exaggeration to say Stevo is a home-from-home!

2. Central

The hub of Stevo. Our very own Café-Bar where you can buy a wide range of food, from pizza to paninis, as well as try our various different types of gin. Be sure to try our infamous college drink, the ‘Steamo’, which has become something of a ritual on college nights out. Other than that, you can also work your way through our extensive list of cappuccinos, iced lattes and smoothies. In central, we also have other facilities such as a table-tennis table, a pool table, a jukebox, and over-head projectors to show sports and films.

3. Food

When all of your course-mates from other colleges are complaining about all the potatoes and the lack of choice, you will be smug knowing that being self-catered allows you to be far more independent and flexible in what you eat and when you eat it. In fact, cooking together can actually be very sociable and fun – and trust me when I say it’s really not as daunting as it seems. What’s more, First Years dine together every Monday in terms 1 and 2, giving you the chance to enjoy some hot food for free after the hardest day of the week.

4. The Stephenson Bursary Award

Stevo is one of the few colleges to offer this amazing grant scheme to its students, allowing them to pursue an extracurricular activity and to further their personal development. There are three application dates throughout the academic year, and you can receive up to £500! Previous students have used the money for a variety of activities; from funding volunteering trips abroad (South Africa, China, Costa Rica – just to name a few) to paying for music lessons. To find out more about the Stephenson Bursary click here.

5. Societies

One of the great things about Stevo is how easy it is to set up a new society – last year alone saw ‘Stephenson Union’, ‘Open Forums’, and ‘Dodgeball’ established! The JCR can fund societies up to £250 each year, so it is always worth going for it and setting up a new society if you don’t see one you want to join.


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