Get Involved…It’s final term!!

Where has the year gone?!

Contrary to many Durfess posts, having a collegiate system at Durham and being part of Stephenson College opens up even more opportunities to us as students.

With the academic year soon drawing to a close, don’t forget about everything Stevo has to offer and make the most of them in the Summer term. Whether you get involved in something new to take your mind off exams and deadlines or to make the most of college before you say a final farewell before graduating, have a look at the below or mooch on the college website to see what you’re missing!

College Bursary

Last summer, I applied for the College Bursary to help me fund a diploma learning all about Digital Marketing. It was something I was interested in outside of my degree, but the cost was a little off-putting. The deadline for summer term applications is 10th June!

Having a contribution from the Stevo college bursary meant that I could go ahead with less worries about paying off the cost and focus on the diploma itself. Applying for the bursary is really simple and as an individual you can apply for up to £500– have a look on the college website for the application form:

Back to School

‘Back to School’ is a scheme set up to help share your experiences with students from your old school. If you think you’re the first from your school to attend Durham or Stephenson college, you can go back and practise your presenting skills and Stevo will contribute towards your travel costs.

College Welfare

The college environment, particularly the one we have at Stevo, is like a *little* family. This term can be a stressful one for many of us- you’re not on your own! If you feel like you need someone to talk to or want to reach out to someone outside of your flatmates/friendship group, keep an eye out for KKCC (KitKat Chit Chat) timings, speak to a welfare rep or drop the college welfare team a message at

Stevo Book Club

College book club has 2 more meet-ups this summer term- 2nd May and 20th June. Reading has been proven to really help us relax and take your mind off other worries. It’s especially good at helping you have a better night’s sleep which I’m sure we would all appreciate in exam season so try swapping the insta-scroll for a quick read.

Here’s a link to the right page on the college website:

Write a blog post

Blog Committee is always happy to share blog posts written by Stevo students, past and present, whether you’re undergrad, postgrad or alumni please send us your ideas!

You could write an opinion-piece, offer advice on a certain topic, or write about what you’re up to now you’ve flown the Stevo nest.

You can send ideas or full ready-to-post articles to message blog committee chair separately ( until June!)

Of course, this list doesn’t even come close to covering everything in College, with all the sports, societies, clubs, quizzes and events that we have going on this post would get a liiiiiittle bit too long. But while we’re all in our exam bubbles this term and struggling to spare a bit of our time, let’s not forget to be grateful to all those that find the time to make this all happen.

Best of luck to everyone sitting exams, completing placements and handing in assessments this term and don’t forget to enjoy and look after yourselves!

Stevo love xox


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