A Glimpse of the Future: Stevo 2018/19

Dear Stevo, present and future!

We are Rhys and Molly, your incoming Sabbatical Officers for next year!
Rhys is your incoming President and Molly is your incoming Treasurer and Operations Manager . We both feel privilliged to have been elected into these positions and to represent the JCR for the next year. We are both working with Joe and Ailish and having some really exciting meetings about next year. We can’t wait to tell you more, but let’s keep the air of mystery for now and let you in on a few of our plans for next year!

M+R Blog

Next year is set to have our best dinners ever, with us having access to the wonderful Howlands hall! The hall can house up to 250 people, and we will be having our Formals in Howlands, with our not-so-formal Locomotions (with some really exciting themes planned) in Platform 2. We are going to wow you with some of the best dinners of all the Durham colleges, with our wonderful Ball Chair Evie on hand to help make these the best formals we’ve ever had and arrive in Durham City in true Stevo style. It doesn’t just stop there! Any one of you can help out with the Formals and Locos next year by joining our committee, where you can come and talk about everything from name cards to themes with us. You can even help set up the venue with us, and maybe even get a cheeky little shout out from me at the end of the dinner! The legendary Brogan will surely put on some amazing after dinner events for us too! #directtheevent

Moving to Durham City also gives us the scope to adapt and expand our sports teams to introduce some amazing squads. We have already been talking with Mae – our Sports and Societies Officer – about some new teams, such as Mixed Netball. We also have the opportunity to introduce some great new societies, and anything is possible. Our Vice-Principal, Jill, is very passionate about an Aardvark Spotting society so if anyone wants to start that, feel free. We are hoping to start a drama society next year too, so get your lines learned and your Shakespeare practiced and get joining!

We have some great events planned that celebrate the great international identity we have here Stephenson, starting with the International Food Festival in this years ReFreshers week! A huge number of students have volunteered to help with this, whether it be to make food, help set up or even perform! Moving forward, we are so excited to work with the incoming International Officer, Klara, to have the best International Nights ever as we bring our bi-weekly tradition to DH1!

As well as all this, because we are the college that keeps on giving, this year our wonderful Vice-President Emma will be setting up some employability workshops. These will be ranging from assessment centre guidance to interview preparation and are the perfect way to prepare our Rangers for life outside Uni. Emma is wonderful, and she’s set to help you on your way to not only being a wonderful student but also astonishing the world with your new skills!

And as if all that isn’t enough, welfare this year is growing even bigger! Eleanor, our new Welfare Officer will be on hand for all the welfare wonders you have become used to at Stevo like the world-famous Kit Kat Chit Chat (Beyonce once came, she said it was great x) and our fabulous campaign weeks. Additionally, she is also chosing to highlight certain days throughout the year to bring a welfare focus to, for example: disability awareness week, transsexual awareness week and international women’s day to name a few.

Finally (well, at least for this article), our JCR meetings are going to be bigger and better. Our new Chair, Oscar, is truly hilarious and we are going to have such a laugh, but at the same time, ensure that we are holding the JCR accountable for its actions! The JCR is for each and every one of you, and these JCR meetings are so much fun! We have some very interesting motions going to our next meeting, so our JCR meetings next year are sure to be VERY interesting.

We are so, so excited for next year and want every one of you have to the best year of your lives. We are always there for you whether you want to vent about assignments, plan an event or even just chat to Rhys about Taylor Swift!

Everyone cannot wait to get started and we can’t wait to see you there!!
Stevo love,

Rhys and Molly xx

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