Meet the Exec and Non-Exec 2018/19: Part #2

After seeing an unbelievable reaction to Part #1 we’re back for more as we meet some more of your (NEWLY ELECTED) officers and hear what they are looking to do next year!


Oscar Ogrodnicki – Chair

Hello Everyone! My name is Oscar and I’m looking forward to being your JCR Chair next year as we move to Durham. Besides chairing various JCR and committee meetings, you’ll see me around during interviews, application processes, and many events. My main role is to look after the Standing Orders which means that I have to make sure that the JCR helps everyone to the best of their ability, and if things go wrong we sort them out. Another main role is keeping officers and reps accountable and making sure they fully understand their duties. As an unbiased member of the Exec team, know that you always have someone to speak to about the JCR.

International Officer – Klara Brown

Hey guys. My name is Klara and I am very excited to be your upcoming International Officer for next year. I’ve lived in South Africa my whole life, and I am now lucky enough to also call Durham and Stevo my home. I am so excited to start organising some good international nights for you guys to enjoy international food and learn something new from other countries and cultures. I am so excited to help welcome all the incoming students and help support them through their journey in making Stevo their home. I cannot wait for next year and hope to see you all get involved.

Sports and Societies Officer – Mae Lonsdale

Hi! I’m Mae and I’m your next Sports & Societies Officer. I’m so excited to see what next year brings for us in terms of our ever-growing sports and societies community. I have so many ideas for the next year which I can’t wait to put into place, but if you can’t wait until then, check out the JCR website to see all the sports and societies we have here at Stevo. From baking to football to poker to rowing, there’s a huge choice but if you can’t find anything that takes your fancy then don’t worry- you can set up your own! We are going to have the best year ever and I can’t wait to meet the people who are going to make it as amazing as it’s going to be!


Assistant Events Director – Zara Bhana

Hi, my name is Zara and I am going to be the new Assistant Events Director next year. As we all know, we are going to be moving up to Durham next year, so finally no more X12 journeys. Being in Durham, will give us more opportunities for BIGGER and BETTER events. As your Assistant Events Director next year, I hope to make sure that everyone’s preferences are met whilst working alongside the Events Director to ensure that our first year in Durham is the best year! Stevo love xoxo

Assistant Welfare Officer – Rachael Booth

Hi my name is Rachael and I am one of your Assistant Welfare Officers for the upcoming year. I will be working alongside Eleanor and Kiera and the rest of the Welfare Team to ensure your time at Durham, and Stevo, is full of positive engagements and fruitful experiences. I will help run KitKat Chit Chats, bringing in my Primary Ed experience to make them fun and exciting and will help run campaign weeks to give you the information you need to be happy and healthy. I am always around for a chat and you are welcome to message me at any time.

Assistant Welfare Officer – Kiera Cantrell

Hi, I’m Kiera. I’m from the Midlands and will be one of your Assistant Welfare Officers next year. I can’t wait to work with the amazing Welfare Team to maintain the friendly environment at our college. It is such a brilliant opportunity to be able to contribute to campaign weeks, our weekly KitKat Chit Chat and all of the wonderful events that Team Welfare will provide. See you all soon!

Charities Officer – Lucy Mellor

I’m Lucy and I am over the moon to be your 2018/19 Charities Officer. I am incredibly proud to be part of the Stevo college community and of our achievements thus far in terms of volunteering and outreach. I am determined to continue these Stevo successes by ensuring there are a range of opportunities for all to be involved in charity work. I also have some new, exciting ideas for projects and events which I will hopefully unveil in time! I’m looking forward to working in close partnership with the other college officers and to show off how astonishing Stevo is!

Livers Out Officer – Malaviga Gopalakrishnan

My name is Mala and I am so honoured to be your upcoming Livers Out Officer! Next year, my job is to make sure that all students have an amazing college experience regardless of where they live and I’ll try to do this by organising transport and helping anyone who’s struggling with finding accommodation. I’ve got so many ideas for next year and if you want to get involved please don’t hesitate to let me know. See you soon!

Tune back in May for Part #3!






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