Meet the Exec and Non-Exec 2018/19: Part #1


As some of you may know, Stephenson College JCR have now elected most of their Executive Committee for next year and now is the time that I can happily unveil them all to you! Look out for Part #2 coming next week!

Rhys Radford – President

My name is Rhys and I am your incoming President for next year (woo!). I’m 20 now and I was born and raised in Sheffield, but I am now proud to call the North East my home. I’ve never been more excited to do anything than be your JCR President next year, we are going to have the best year ever as we move up to Durham. We have so many opportunities to grab hold of and I want every single student to have the time of their lives at Stephenson. I’m passionate about having some great new events, such as a Showcase evening to show off our societies, and expand and improve our current events to levels not possible in the past, such as (fingers crossed) a Winter Ball in an external venue! I hope you’re as excited as I am to have the best time next year, Stephenson is truly the greatest place and the greatest group of people I have ever had the privilege of knowing, and I can’t wait to grow our family!


Molly Bennett – Treasuer and Operations Manager (TrOps and Alumni Relations Assistant)

I am Molly and next year I have the privilege of being your incoming Treasurer and Operations Manager and Alumni Relations Assistant, and I cannot wait to get started! I have some amazing new ideas for our Locomotion Dinners and Formals, and introducing Loco Comm so students can be more involved with our dinners. We are going to have a brand new bar and to celebrate this we will hopefully be bringing in cocktail and mocktail evenings! We can’t wait to see you at our new home in Durham next year!!

Evie Jones – Ball Chair

I am super excited to be the Ball Chair for Stephenson College. This means that I will be in charge of planning and organising the Winter and Summer Balls. As well as this, I will help Molly coordinate our Locomotion and Formal dinners. I already have so many great ideas for all these events including possible venues, themes and decorations, but I’ll keep them a secret for now. I wish to make these events enjoyable and memorable for everyone, so if you have any ideas you want to share don’t hesitate to contact me or join Ball Committee (everyone’s welcome!).

Brogan Thornton – Events Director

Hi, my name is Brogan, I am your incoming Events Director for next year. I am looking forward to working with you all and I hope you are excited to get involved in all the amazing events I have planned for you. Next year I would like to listen to your ideas as to what events you would like to take place to ensure everyone has the opportunity to get involved and enjoy the college experience, as much as I have. The famous Stevo energy is consistent through university and this is shown greatly in college events. I want to continue this through the transition to Durham, introducing bigger and better things for you!


Eleanor Shaw – Welfare Officer

Hey everyone! My name is Eleanor Shaw, but you will probably come to know me as Guisborough, and I am extremely excited to be your upcoming Welfare Officer for next year. With next year bringing the move to Durham, I really want to show Durham who Stephenson College are, and what we stand for. We currently have a friendly, welcoming, and homely environment at Stephenson College. My main aim is to recreate this. To do so, I would love to add to our campaign weeks, which currently raise significant awareness, to look at specific events in the year such as: World Religion Day, International Women’s Day, and National Stress Awareness Day. I really cannot wait to work with everyone in the college to raise awareness and promote positivity at university!

Emma Hunter – Vice President

I am so honoured to be your VP for the coming year! Since starting here I have been involved in all aspects of college life attending talks of all kinds, rowing, SCA, show around repping, being Ball Chair in my second year and undertaking a summer internship in Berlin with other Durham students! I am currently undertaking a placement year with Unilever in London but can’t wait to be back at Stevo and make sure I keep you all informed with development opportunities, so you can get involved in whatever sparks your interest! See you Soon!


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