Stevo’s Snowy Days

As ‘The Beast from the East’ grips our island for its third consecutive day it is safe to say that the whole world seems to have stopped functioning. Sports and Societies photographs postponed, Asda deliveries cancelled, lectures postponed, Exec and Non-Exec husts postponed, Spensley’s postponed, Locomotion Dinner postponed. Some might say that we might as well lock the doors here at Stephenson and give up on this week! However we have more spirit than that here at Stephenson and weren’t prepared to let that stop us in still offering our students the best possible day we could with the limited services that we could offer.

With this in mind, Ailish, Craig and I put our winter coats and boots on and set off on our expedition all the way to Sainsbury’s. Leaving the protection of our residence buildings we made our way onto the main road. As we ambled, or should that be waded, past the Riverside College we remarked on the similarity to the apocalypse film 28 Days Later. Our hope was that we would eventually reach the hallowed ground of Sainsbury’s and even seeing John Snow was a relief in this cold.

As you may imagine it was a relief to make it back to Stevo and with bread, Nutella and Hot Chocolate in tow we were ready to greet all of our students who came through the door with toast and a hot chocolate. The day was a clear success with many students joining us – who knew free food and drink would make students want to come to events?

Snow Days Blog
Can you still complain if your free food is burnt?

As Stevo’s day in the snow has snowballed into a week we look forward to sharing with you the very best our students have to offer soon as they enter our snowman making competition!


UPDATE: Snowman Making Competition!

We had 3 entries to the competition to win 2 free pizzas and soft drinks behind the bar as you can see below:

No need for a caption.
Photography skills on point!
Buttons but no coat?

After plenty of tough deliberating and a decision as difficult as the X Factor final, the last of the above snowmen was crowned the winner due to its size and impressive fashion choices. Congratulations to Izzy and Kate!


We hope you enjoyed the snow and all Stevo had to offer during the ‘Beast from the East’!

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