5 Ways To Travel For Cheap As A Broke University Student

With long holidays, youthful energy and the excitement of newly met friends, university is the perfect time to travel and explore the world and its diverse cultures. However, many of us are sadly limited by the digits in our bank account. The following are some tips to help you travel on a university budget:

  1. CouchSurfing

CouchSurfing is a global travel community that allows travellers to stay in a host’s spare room or sofa for free. Not only will this save you money on accommodation, but also gives you the chance to experience the way locals live their every day lives. On some occasions, generous hosts will also offer free food and give you free tours around the city.

  1. Jailbreak

Jailbreak is an event organised by many universities (including Durham!) that challenges participants to travel as far as possible without spending a single penny, within a timeframe of 36 hours. Free travel, the thrill of a competition and all for a good cause. What more could you want?

  1. Work abroad at a camp or school

This can be an incredibly fulfilling method of travelling and will look amazing on your CV! Why not get some work experience abroad by teaching English in a school, or becoming a supervisor at a summer camp? Most of these opportunities are paid jobs and will offer the experience of a lifetime.

  1. Travel Off-Season

As University students we have up to 6 months holiday. This gives us a great opportunity to take advantage of cheaper plane tickets and accommodation during the less popular months. Popular tourist locations will not only be less expensive, but also less crowded!

  1. Contiki

Contiki is a travel company for 18-35 year olds offering discounted group travel to 6 continents, including a mix of sightseeing, free time, culture, socializing, and adventure. They offer packages that include travel, accommodation, food and guides. This saves students plenty of money and valuable time and gives you the chance to make life-long friends.

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