Feel Good Friday: A Smorgasbord Of Events To Look Forward To In 2018

Winter Olympics and Paralympics

Biathlon - Winter Olympics Day 12

Pyeongchang, South Korea, will bear the brunt of the world’s stares in February and March for the 23rd Winter Olympics and with recent events in this part of the world the hosting of such an illustrious event will provide a welcome distraction. Indeed, the ability of South Korea to host a major sporting event has already been demonstrated in my lifetime with the 2002 World Cup taking place in a shared event with neighbours Japan. Another reason to watch is for Halifax hopeful (I’m not Yorkshire biased I promise) Katie Ormerod who may provide GB’s greatest medal opportunity! Expect big jumps, breathtaking landings and excessive amounts of snow!

Summer Ball


Stephenson’s premiere event of the academic year heads to our, as yet, unrevealed venue and with limited spaces available this really isn’t an event to miss out on. Ticket sales will follow the same pattern as last time with deposits going on sale first and then full tickets going on sale later. The only way to secure your place at the event in May is to buy a deposit before we reach capacity so keep an eye out for Joe’s emails and Emma’s posts on Facebook to find out just how you can book the hottest ticket in Stevo this year!

Royal Wedding

Harry and Meghan Blog

I think I surprised myself back in 2011 when I sat and actually watched the Royal Wedding and with another on the horizon I think we are set to be gripped, once again, by Royal fever. A celebrity in her own right, Meghan Markle seems set to become a phenomenon just like her Sister-in-law to be, Kate, did in 2011 and there’s little doubt that the a-listers present will be enough to make everyone’s head turn as both parts of this Royal power couple have famous friends. Leading up to the event there will be much talk about the dress, the suits and guestlist and the event itself is sure to be a blockbuster so tune in on Saturday 19th May to catch everything!

New Films

Movie blog

Every New Year brings the certainty that there will be at least some films to look forward to in the upcoming calendar and 2018 definitely doesn’t deviate from the norm. This year has many incredible titles set to be released and I’m sure they’ll keep you entertained whatever genre you prefer. Here are some of the ones I’m looking forward to:

Avengers: Infinity War (releases 27th April)

Deadpool 2 (releases 1st June)

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (releases 7th June)

Incredibles 2 (releases 15th June)

Ocean’s 8 (releases 22nd June)

What a month June is turning out to be!

The World Cup (Russia)

As if June wasn’t giving enough with all of those fantastic films!

Need I say more? Football, pretty much constantly, for an entire month. Check out the image below for an indication of the amount of football you can sink your teeth into! (England are G4!)

Blog World Cup.jpg

Handover Dinner and Stevo Day



Tied 3rd and 4th (in whichever order you choose) as the flagship events on lots of Stevo Rangers’ calendars are these two treats which happen on consecutive days. The Handover Dinner kicks things off on the Friday night and as well as being a way for the current Exec to pass their roles over to their successors the evening is also an opportunity for sports teams to come together and complete their handovers for the upcoming year. Additionally, the event allows both the JCR and College to hand out their annual honours which recognise students for all manner of feats including sporting success, success within a society or sustained personal development. After all of this celebration at our formal dinner you’d think we’d be done for the year, however the very next day from midday we get back at it and host our very own mini-festival ‘Stevo Day’. Expect live music, free food and lots more!

Now I’m sure some of you are screaming at the screen saying I’ve missed events out but that’s the beauty of 2018 – there’s just so many great things going on so make sure you find time to do what you enjoy!

P.S. As I fear harassment for constantly talking about golf I thought I would add this as a footnote – there’s also a Ryder Cup this year!

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