Thanks for everything 2017! Hello 2018…

So it’s that time of year where everyone seems to be getting caught up in the craze of making resolutions and setting goals that they hope to achieve. And I must admit that, at the close of each year and the dawn of a new one, I too like to take some time to reflect and to think about the year ahead. Experience has shown that the common mantra of ‘new year, new me’ is not always successful but it also begs the question: is it really right to make efforts to change yourself?

I’m a big believer in trying to ditch old habits and be the healthiest version of me but we shouldn’t become obsessed with making strict, intense resolutions that cause us to be the biggest critics of ourselves if we fall short of what we want to achieve.

It has been argued that the assumption that we require just more willpower to achieve the ‘new me’ may be mistaken. Beyond the weakness of will, there are many other factors that compete with good intentions and these are all part of a person’s life at that moment. This is not to say that you shouldn’t give your best efforts to overcoming unhealthy routines but it is a significant point that we should, to a certain extent, accept human nature and the complications that make us who we are as people. Of course, it’s nice to think about what can be achieved in the future but instead of focusing on critiquing our past year in order to set unobtainable goals, it is important to take the time to reflect and reminisce in a positive way.

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Don’t change who you are as a person. Just work on believing in yourself and being the best version of you!

In particular, there is a lot to celebrate within the community of Stephenson College over the past year, such as amazingly raising £1,492.99 for Children in Need alone, immensely enjoyable summer and winter balls and so so much more. On an individual level too, it may be that you survived your first term at university living independently or that you accomplished meeting your assignment deadlines even amongst Christmas procrastination and not quite knowing what you were doing (yep, you definitely weren’t alone in that one!).

It’s hard not to delve into cheesy thoughts and remarks here when it comes to looking back and considering individual and communal achievements, especially when I will readily accept that I’m quite a cheesy person! With that being said, I apologise somewhat for the amount of clichés or emotive lines in this post but I’m not really that sorry because I genuinely believe that each person’s 2017 (and the years before and after) deserve to be celebrated and are instrumental in making you the person you are. In a moment of personal reflection looking back at 2017, it is family and friends who have helped to create the best memories of this year and been there when resolutions of any kind are met successfully or not so successfully.

A common line shared on social media right now is ‘don’t go into 2018 with 2017 problems’. This would be ideal in principle but it might not be the most realistic advice. Whether 2017 was the best year of your life or not, it was a year in YOUR life nevertheless. I believe that everything happens for a reason and that everything is a learning experience. There may be times when you fail or when life just doesn’t seem to be going your way but it’s at these times when you learn about who you are as a person and you pick yourself up and try again (however many times it takes). Although I am certainly no expert in following resolutions or being kind to myself, my top tips for the upcoming year are to learn from yourself, enjoy the journey of goal-setting and most importantly, don’t be too harsh on yourself.

So, thanks for the lessons 2017 and bring on 2018! Happy New Year Stevo: let’s hope it’s a good one without any fear.

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