10 Things You Should Do This Christmas Break!

As the first Monday of the Christmas Vacation hits some of you may be wondering what to do with yourselves for the next few weeks. But fear not, I’m here to make sure you’re not bored this Christmas!

1. Go and see Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Watch the trailer here!

If you know me, it’s no secret that I am a HUGE Star Wars fan. Therefore, it’s no surprise that I recommend that you watch the best movie saga of all time.

HOWEVER, Star Wars is becoming a bit of a Christmas tradition with Disney releasing new movies every Christmas for the foreseeable future. PLUS, Star Wars is so massive and you really shouldn’t miss out on seeing it in the cinema. Seeing Star Wars in all its glory is legit a once in a lifetime experience and you’ll regret it if you don’t go and then watch it in like 2 years and you’re like DAMN I wish I saw this in the cinema. Don’t be the person who has to say “I should’ve listened to Rhys that time…”!

2. See your friends and family

One of the best parts of Christmas is, of course, seeing friends and family. With most of you being away from home whilst at Uni, Christmas is a time you can really use to make the effort to see those people you won’t see as much during the term. If I could give you one bit of advice it would be: don’t put off seeing you friends all holiday, or it’s probably not gonna happen! Enjoy your Christmas and be with the ones you love!

3. Apply for the 2018/19 Stephenson JCR Executive Committee

I couldn’t not get a plug in for this, especially as Exec Applications have just opened!

Please take your time to read the email Joe sent and apply to be a part of the JCR exec for next year; it’s so worth it!

Being a part of the JCR exec is truly one of the best experiences here at uni and you have ALLLLLLL Christmas to formulate your application, so get on it!

4. Watch the Bake Off Christmas Special

Bake off blog.png

Val is back.

That is all.

5. Watch Home Alone

Home Alone blog.png

This is THE best Christmas movie ever. FACT.

I don’t care for disputes so don’t try and argue with me! This movie is truly a classic, and the sequel is amazing too (arguably better??? Donald Trump cameo anyone?). If you’ve never seen this, PLEASE watch it this Christmas.

If you’ve seen it before, WATCH IT AGAIN!

6. Eat lots of food

Food blog.png

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this time of the year is AMAZING for food.
Engorge yourself with everything M&S, ASDA and Sainsburys* have to offer and enjoy some of the best delights food have to offer!

*other food outlets are available
Side note: Why do we only eat these foods at Christmas? If everyone says how good they are, why don’t we have them all year? Blog article 2.0??

7. Listen to Ariana’s Christmas and Chill

Everyone loves a bit of Ariana, and her Christmas & Chill EP is my personal recommendation to listen to this Christmas.

It’s super chill and Christmassy – basically doing what it says on the tin. I recommend that everyone reading this article take a listen using the link above and begin your Christmas wind-down accompanied by some Ariana.

8. Do a good deed for everyone you know

Christmas is the time of giving, and you have a month off for that!

Remember that some people may be feeling the Christmas blues this year and if someone is feeling down, you can always drop them a quick message to just say hi. You might make their day!

Even something as little as helping with Christmas Dinner, sending someone a Christmas card or taking someone ice skating can really brighten someone else’s mood so try and do something nice this holiday for everyone you know! You never know what effect you may have!

9. Watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special

Doctor Who blog.png

What a better thing to be doing on the 25th of December 2017, than watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special??????

It’s Twelth Doctor Peter Capaldi and Showrunner Steven Moffat’s final turn on the show, and should be a really nice, albeit melancholy, thing to watch!

It will also introduce the first ever female Doctor (woo) Jodie Whittaker, and there’s nothing more Christmassy than fighting aliens and changing faces so get yourselves watching!!

10. Give yourself time to relax

This term has been AMAZING, but it is a long one! I know you still have work but give yourself at least a few weeks to relax, you all deserve it!

Christmas vacation is long so enjoy yourselves but remember you’ll be back at uni soon so don’t wish away your holiday! Take the chance to have a nice relax.

Thanks so much for reading!

Lots of love,

Merry Christmas!!

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