A Social Sport: Mixed Lacrosse

Mixed lacrosse isn’t your average sports team when it comes to socials. We think it’s equally as important to enjoy each other’s company as much as we enjoy lacrosse. From a meal at spoons to jumping around in a trampoline park, we put on a wide range of socials to cater to our players’ wishes and I’m pretty sure you’ll agree by the end of this article that we certainly manage that.

The LaX idea of a social is simply to have good time and to bond as a team and this is why we like to have socials that go against the norm – especially if you see the events of the night on Snapchat! One recent example of our antics is our pizza social where we came together and each dressed as a different pizza topping. Donned as our favourite toppings, we arrived at one of the team’s house to eat pizza, play some Italian themed games and exchange Secret Santa gifts – and then some of the team decided to head out to Ku.

A slightly less fancy dress focused event we hosted was our trip to Jump 360, which was a lot of fun! Although, as a Captain I did feel ever so slightly uneasy as my players attempted front flips and hit each other with dodge balls. Nevertheless, it was just great to see my team having an all-round fab time.

Furthermore, in previous years we have been ice-skating and even had an end of year barbecue during ReFreshers. All of these were a great success and everyone always really looks forward to the socials we put on, especially as we try to make each one better than the last.

Lacrosse to us is more than a sports team; it’s more like a family! I know I can’t say for definite that this is down to our socials but I certainly feel that the amount of times we see each other outside of training and games helps.

Upcoming socials for LaX include I’m a celebrity Jungle themed night where will be playing games like Jungle Speed (check it out, you won’t be sorry!). We are always open for more ideas so join us so we can keep coming up with more fun and unique socials especially as we are using the money that the JCR holds for us to reimburse any food or soft drinks we bought. In fact there really is no better time to join as the JCR has just passed a motion to give sports teams and societies £10 per person for a social each term with the requirement that it not be spent on alcohol related activities.

By Finn McCabe (Business and Management Year 2)

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