Society Spotlight: Owen’s hitting all the right notes with his Sing Society

Yesterday I had the pleasure of sitting down and catching up with one of our Society Presidents, Owen Todd, to discuss his Sing society and what it’s all about.

Owen - blog

Q: Who are you and what have you been up to recently within Stephenson College?

I’m a 3rd Year Primary Education student so currently am spending a lot of time working on my Dissertation, but away from my academic commitments I have my Society President commitments as President of Sing Soc – which you’ll obviously hear about here!

Q: Why singing for you?

My background has been in theatre and performing on stage and I have performed all over the country including at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival so when I came to Stevo and acapella was a society that I could join I thought I’d carry on performing and singing.

Q: So how long has the society been going and how long have you been involved?

I believe it has been going about four or five years, although it used to be called Acapella soc. As for me, I’ve been involved for my three years here and have been President for the last two which I will sadly have to pass on when I leave in June.

Q: Why the change in the name?

We felt that moving from Acapella Society to Sing Society would allow us more opportunities to perform as we can use music already created and therefore only have to focus on the lyrics and harmonies as opposed to creating a rhythm or beat in the background!

Q: So I note that you said you play with music now that you have changed from the Acapella Society to Sing Society, so what about people who instruments and don’t want to sing, or like to do both. Can they join?

Absolutely! Everyone can join and we often work with the Music Society which people can also join. I know that Anna has spent some time this year playing piano for us and singing with us so that’s great and we often welcome people who play acoustic guitar to help us with our stuff. Literally, we welcome anyone so don’t worry about your ability or what you want to get from the society.

Q: So where have you been spotted performing recently?

Notably we performed at the most recent Thanksgiving Locomotion Dinner [below] which was great, we performed at the Central Christmas Light Switch On and more recently we have been asked to perform at a local care home, which sadly we couldn’t attend but performances are definitely looking like they are beginning to line up!

Q: So, when can we get our next fix of Sing Soc?

We have a few things in the pipeline for 2018 but I don’t want to go giving too much away right now. (Q: What about Stevo day?) Potentially Stevo Day, we’ll have to see.

Sing Soc practice every Thursday evening in the Central Meeting Room between 6 and 7:30pm and are always looking for new members to join for performances or just practice, regardless of ability!

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