5 Signs That The Festive Season Has Started

We’re now a few days into December and work is still flowing, but there’s definitely some signs in the world that Christmas is not very far away at all. Here at Stevo we kicked things off with our Christmas Light Switch On last Friday but here are the 5 signs that we decided showed festivities had begun!

I’m a Celebrity and Xmas Ads


Late November into early December is the perfect time to throw 12, sometimes clueless, celebrities into the Australian Jungle. Summertime in Australia means one thing in England: cold, dark nights. There really is no better sign that Christmas is coming than hearing the I’m A Celeb theme tune and settling down with a hot chocolate. That’s not to mention that every single ad break (thanks ITV) brings with it a reminder that Christmas is only a matter of days away! John Lewis usually smash their adverts and this year’s is a valiant effort, however for me this year’s winner is definitely Sainsbury’s. A catchy jingle and a montage of videos including the incredible Ricky Tomlinson is enough I’d say!

Sainsbury’s Ad: #everybitofchristmas

Christmas Aisles


Supermarkets in December begin to fill up pretty quickly and there’s always one aisle that you can pretty much garauntee will be full of people hustling and bustling their way through to grab the last tin of Quality Street. These aisles are as quintessentially Christmassy as Band Aid and provide the perfect place for workers and students across the country to gather together and deliberate over what they can get for their Secret Santa present this year. Will it be tabletop table tennis? Ferrero Rocher? A Lynx gift set? If you’re really not sure you can be certain of one thing, the answer is in the Christmas aisle.



Bing Crosby dreamt it and each year we wait for it, a White Christmas. Snow is definitely synonymous with Christmas as any Christmas film, card or song will probably tell you. However, the last time the UK had a widespread White Christmas was in 2010 – although officially for a White Christmas to be called only 1 snowflake has to drop in the 24 hours of 25th December. Therefore, technically the last White Christmas in the UK was 2015. Nevertheless, Christmas remains forever linked with Snow and you only have to look at the image above to understand why – it brings joy and happiness to all!

Christmas Stash


No Stevo is not buying Christmas themed stash – but other outlets do Christmas merchandise and that is a definite sign that Christmas is fast approaching. I must admit that Costa’s Christmas cups are the first sign to me that the festive season is in full swing! However, perhaps less niche is the staple of Christmas – the advent Calendar – which no doubt still provides excitement for all people of all ages. In more recent years the craze of Christmas jumpers certainly has taken the UK by storm and I’m sure this year won’t see them suddenly go out of fashion!

Winter Ball

No festive period is complete here at Stevo without the Winter Ball and this year it has been no different. With a Wonka themed ball Emma and co really did introduce us to a world of pure imagination. Chocolate fountains, pick and mix tables, an amazing live set from the Lost Degree, DJ Pete rocking the decks and an audaciously well crafted Willy Wonka gate from Emma’s dad set the scene for an unforgettable evening. This event really is the flagship first term event for Stephenson and it really does signal that present buying needs to begin!

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