Feel Good Friday: Rangers Raise a Sc-hair-ily Impressive Amount of Money!

A night of laughter and wonder

Head to toe in a Pudsey onesie, and looking as vibrant and luminescent as possible to be sure no human missed me, was how I spent last Friday night celebrating Children in Need with my fellow Stevo Rangers. Our annual Central Takeover for the BBC Charity Event was bigger and better than ever this year and so I must begin by wishing thanks to all of the wonderful people who gave up their time before the night started, to help set it all up.


The big event began with a reminder from Imogen, an SCA Project Leader, of what our money can do to support projects around us. She highlighted the direct impact our charitable giving can have and the change we can make with our generous donations.

Then focus turned to the rep auction. Hands were raised, eager bids were placed, determined individuals showed their hands. They wanted those auction items and they weren’t leaving the night without them. The naming of Valerie’s tattoo, a trip to a petting zoo with a picnic and go karting were just a few of the many items on offer and when the gavel had fallen we had raised an incredible £727 from the Rep Auction alone.

But that wasn’t the end and the night continued with an exec/non-exec sponging in ridiculously cold temperatures and some fantastic Sax music from our very own Music Society president Anna and society member Charlotte, all occurring before the raffle could even be drawn.

Many faces lit up with excitement as their numbers were drawn, and later embarrassment as their numbers were drawn again, and again, and again – you really cannot trust a random selection sometimes! But repeated winners showed their good-will and put prizes back in the draw ensuring the night remained high spirited all the way up to its finale: the announcement of whether the sponsored challenges for myself and Joe had reached the desired monetary amounts to ensure we each had to part with our hair (although Joe got the good end of the stick avoiding the wax).

Fantastic support shown on the night, saw me reach my target meaning I will be getting a back, crack and sack wax in 2 weeks’ time*. But that’s not all, as Joe had raised way over his sponsored target (see donation links below if you wish to show your support) we were treated as we witnessed the painful moments for all when Joe’s lovely, warm, and familiar locks fell gracefully to the cold, bald floor of Stephenson Central. El Presidente can now be seen wearing a hat for the vast majority of the time.


After all that excitement, tiredness crept in for many and the night ended. However, I would like to extend a huge thank you to all those who came along, offered their support in whatever way they could and helped this worthy cause. It really goes to show you that when we come together, we really can do inspiring things to help others such as raising a (current) total of £1,507.41!!

* Due to reasons of common decency and dignity this event occur in the privacy of a professional establishment who knows what they’re doing and not in Central by students like Joe!

Donation Links:

James’ Back, Crack and Sack Wax – https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/jamescreer2

Joe’s Head shave – https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/joebravetheshave

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