St Cuthbert’s beaten as Stephenson march on

Stephenson on the odd side of 9 to beat reigning champions

Waking up early on a Sunday morning usually isn’t too enjoyable. Except of course on the 12th of November, when the Stephenson college badminton mixed team defeated the reigning champions – St Cuthbert’s Society.

The Stephenson players had a slightly precarious start to their quest of defeating the league’s top team, with their best pair losing to St Cuthbert’s finest. However, Stevo Rangers are strong in the face of adversity and without losing any hope, went on to win the next two games turning a game deficit around to make it 2-1. As the participants commenced the rest of their games, they had the crowd on their toes. Both sides struck blows and the game reached 3-3 with 3 games remaining. Both teams knew that two more games would win the overall match.

Silence hung in the air as Stephenson lost the first of the final three games, making it necessary for them to win both the remaining games. Playing on adjacent courts the final two games came and went in a flurry as Stephenson emerged from the jaws of defeat victoriously.

That result, and the drama that it brought, sees Stephenson Mixed Badminton now sat at the top of the Premiership with fantastic prospects to go on and lift the title.

With more early morning practices and matches to come, the love for the game that the Stephenson team have and their strong sense of team spirit will surely see them through even the most gruelling of contests.

NBA All-Star and Hall of Famer Michael Jordon once said, “Some people want it to happen, some people wish it to happen, and others make it happen.”

Hopefully, this year, Stephenson Mixed Badminton will make it happen.

By Anushka Kukreja (Business and Management Year 2)

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