My Planet, Your Planet, Our Planet

Maybe a bit of an odd post for our Stevo Blog today but important nonetheless. Let's call it an 'opinion' piece rather than a shameless ad? 'Our Planet' - a new 8-part series - is now streaming globally on Netflix. Narrated by national treasure David Attenborough, this series aims to educate the world about the … Continue reading My Planet, Your Planet, Our Planet

International Women’s Day 2019

Written by: Naomi Mason To celebrate International Women’s Day, this blog post is dedicated to all you lovely ladies who make our college what it is.     Did you know we celebrate International Women's Day on 8th March because women in  Soviet Russia gained suffrage on 8 March 1917, making it a National holiday … Continue reading International Women’s Day 2019

The Wonder of Reading Stories

Written by: Amrit Moore     This is a quote I came across whilst mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, and although a tad dramatic (okay maybe quite dramatic), it made me smile because of the feeling it was trying to capture. There is something quite magical about bookstores, and libraries for that matter, most likely because … Continue reading The Wonder of Reading Stories

‘Homelessness: A True Reflection’

Organised by our Charities Officer, Lucy Mellor, supported by James Creer, Stevo recently hosted an exhibition shining a spotlight on Homelessness and the very real impact it has in our local community. The exhibition featured moving contributions from Foundation customers, including artwork and performances which captured what homelessness means to them. For those of you … Continue reading ‘Homelessness: A True Reflection’